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If You Want To Future-Proof Your Business Or Career, This Event Is A MUST. 

Learn how to become a world-class leader, build shockingly productive teams and grow exponentially in 2021. Meet Australia and New Zealand's leading experts with insights that will completely change your perspective.

20+ Speakers

9 Cities + 2 Countries

1 Day Only

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Discover how the country's top thought leaders adapt during times of uncertainty, and how you can too. 

For the last 8 years we've gathered some of the world’s best minds for a 1-day event to equip you with the tools and strategies to become a successful leader. This year you will hear incredible insights from global experts on how to navigate a crisis and lead you and your team to success.   This is the business conference you can’t afford to miss. 

Uncover The Incredible In 2021 And Beyond.

In 2020, the world faced the largest business and societal crisis in the modern world. Millions of leaders struggled to keep teams and businesses afloat, and they will feel the effects for years. Great leadership in the future won’t come from knowledge or skills alone, but the ability to influence the intangibles, like human behaviour. Come on a journey to Uncover The Incredible and succeed in this new phase of leadership.

In the past 8 years we've hosted some of the world's most influential people. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to LEAD effective teams.

You Will Learn How To...

Become a world-class leader, even during times of massive uncertainty and rapid change.

Build, manage and grow incredibly productive teams that work together flawlessly.

Perform in high-pressure situations and build a community when it's needed most.

Turn negatives into opportunities, and establish a discipline that will skyrocket your growth.

Stand out in the marketplace, build relationships with customers and make your competitors irrelevant.

Who Is This Event For?

Who want to stay at the top of their game, have clarity around their strategy and a competitive edge.

Who want an effective learning experience for their team so they can grow quickly and efficiently.

Who want to future-proof their business and learn what it takes to build an effective team.

Who want to gain critical skills, improve their resume, have confidence and land a dream job.

Why should you attend?

Increase productivity for you and your team. 

Invest in your future and absorb new ideas.

Stay at the forefront of leadership trends.

Identify new areas and opportunities for growth. 

A team experience for far less cost than other summits.

Arm yourself with the tools and insights to succeed.

Support a non-profit event where all the funds go towards helping children live a life of choice.

Arm yourself with the tools and insights to be a better leader, and walk away ready to take action personally and professionally.

The Country's Most In-Demand Speakers Across Diverse Industries, Topics & Experiences

This unique combination of innovative speakers will keep you at the forefront of leadership trends and insights. These speakers will be spread across the various events — check the location under their name to see if they are in your city!

An advisor to the world's top brands like Pepsi, Mcdonalds and more.
Darren Hill


Read Darren's Bio

Meet Darren Hill, an advisor to the world's top brands like Pepsi, Mcdonalds and more. As a behavioural scientist, Darren studies people for a living, and understands them like few others. 

The rest of his team finds this awkward sometimes…(it’s like he’s watching ALL the time!). Darren is a country lad with a city brain, making him a great guy to talk business strategy with, but also handy if you need to herd cattle… as you do.

The man and athlete behind a portfolio of multi-million-dollar businesses.
Paul Watkins


Read Paul's Bio

Once described as the fictitious love-child of Harry Potter and Bear Grylls, Paul is anything but conventional. But then being unconventional is a wonderful thing. It allows you to defy stereotypes, think without boundaries and explore without limitation.

Despite being a self-confessed non-athlete and scientist - Paul has managed to compete in and win some of the world’s toughest races, as well as build multi-million dollar businesses - in multiple fields.

Former corporate lawyer turned endurance sports coach, author, speaker and trainer.
Jen Brown


Read Jen's Bio

Jen Brown is a Performance & Wellbeing Expert who helps to unlock the ‘stuff’ that holds you back, so you can lead yourself to stunning success.

Jen works at the intersections of mindset, self-leadership and high performance. She brings her love of questions, obsession with courage and passion for high performance together to work with results-driven individuals, teams and organisations who want to unleash their untapped potential. By listening to her you will:

  • Uncover the role of the internal critic,
  • Explore why trying to silence your internal critic is a waste of time,
  • Reveal how to determine if your internal critic is helping or hurting you,
  • Share tools to quieten the voice of your internal critic and instead use it to catapult your performance.
International hall of fame speaker and behavioural scientist, he helps top-tier companies apply intention and trust.
David Penglase


Read David's Bio

He started out his career building a band. Now he helps people and organisations build trust.

David Penglase is a behavioural scientist, best-selling author, and award-winning conference keynote speaker and corporate educator who inspires, entertains, and helps top tier corporate audiences to harness the power of INTENTION and TRUST to positively impact their professional and personal success. You will learn to:

  • Apply 3 lenses of trust to diagnose opportunities for individual and team development
  • Apply a practical and evidence-based approach to proactively earn, build and maintain trust
  • Understand the 3 core ingredients to developing Self-Determined work teams and culture
  • Apply a powerful ethical decision-making strategy in those meaningful moments that matter most
She spent a decade mastering psychology. 

Now she helps people find their edge.

Stephanie Bown


Read Stephanie's Bio

Stephanie Bown is a performance specialist, skilled in enhancing business performance by activating the potential of individuals, teams and organisations. She regularly consults to some of Australia’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

As the in-house Performance Partner at Swisse Wellness, Steph coached the executive group over a number of years to sharpen their focus and achieve a record company sale of $1.6 billion. Her keynote will:

  • Uncover the common errors leaders make that derail high performance
  • Explain how we take teams to their performance edge and safely keep them there
  • Reveal the habits of leaders who drive high performing teams

She survived being burnt alive by petrol bombs. Now she empowers leaders to find their courage.

Heidi Dening


Read Heidi's Bio

Heidi Dening believes that education changes lives and when combining the insights she has learnt from surviving a paralysing illness, a gunpoint kidnapping, a life-threatening tsunami and petrol bombs, with her science-backed education, she has a unique ability to empower leaders and their teams to perform at their fullest potential.

She was recently named ‘Best International Keynote Speaker’ in the Asia Pacific region at the Influential Businesswoman Awards.

From frilly frocks to velvet tux. This non binary professional shares a story that matters now more than ever.

Jules Green


Read Jules' Bio

With 20+ years of experience in FMCG and marketing, Jules shares their story transitioning from female to non-binary in the corporate world.

From forcing themselves into high heels to finding the perfectly fitting tux, Jules highlights how authentic leadership, bravery and support changed their life and how inclusion can change the lives of the future workforce.

The adventurer who crossed 3318km of ice and claimed two world records.
Justin Jones


Read Justin's Bio

Justin Jones - otherwise affectionately known as Jonesy, is Australia's pre-eminent Explorer, keynote speaker, adventure thinker and storyteller. Over the past 18 years he has made a career of undertaking huge, epic, record setting expeditions around the world and sharing these on the stage and the screen.

A humble, charismatic and inspiring character…he is the perfect example of how determination, detailed planning and foresight can enable the most 'normal' of us to undertake the most extraordinary feats.

He picked up the pieces from the Tsunami. 

Then built a children’s charity.

Peter Baines OAM


Read Peter's Bio

By listening to Peter you will learn:

  • The value of making timely decisions

  • The need to lead with speed, sensitivity, structure and simplicity

  • Why the presence of leaders can be more important than the decisions they make

  • Understanding the four quadrants of the crisis clock and how that will shape your response and importantly forecast the your teams response as they move through this crisis.
He broke his back. 

Then broke a world record.

Jezza Williams

Auckland, Wellington

Read Jezza's Bio

A born adventurer from humble beginnings to a world traveller, international outdoor guide & pioneering adaptive adventure consultant. After a life changing canyoning accident in 2010, there was no holding back.

Two years of rehabilitation after coming within an inch of death Jezza now, as a tetraplegic, has never let his disability take control. He has gone from an able-bodied expert in adventure tourism to a world expert in inclusive tourism and travel, revolutionising adaptive adventure.

Open your mind to possibilities, life lessons and understanding your only limitation is yourself.

The ‘futurist master’ who will show you how to succeed in a fast-changing world of technology and disruption.
Gihan Perera


Read Gihan's Bio

Gihan Perera is a futurist, online presenter, conference speaker, and author who shows you how to be fit for the future in a fast-changing world. Since the pandemic, he has helped people lead in uncertainty, and act with clarity and confidence through crisis, recovery, and growth. Forbes magazine rated him the #5 social media influencer in the world (and #1 in Australia) in his area of expertise. You will learn:

  • Understand how COVID-19 has changed our priorities
  • Discover how smart, savvy leaders are leading their teams to differentiate their position and uncover new opportunities
  • Learn how to leverage the skills and talents in your team to create a unique point of difference and stay ahead of the game

Australian Paralympic olympian with multiple gold medals, she has spoken to the United Nations and inspires others.
Katrina Webb


Read Katrina's Bio

As an Australian sporting legend, Katrina Webb is no stranger to a Gold medal podium or a star-lit stage. She has received awards and medals most athletes only dream about.

Despite this success, her journey hasn’t always been easy. Today, Katrina is an international speaker, leadership and personal mastery consultant, trainer in wellbeing and resilience and a physiotherapist. Katrina helps people strive to be their best and turn their performance from Silver to Gold.

Founder Of Thought Leaders, helping clever people be commercially smart. 
Matt Church


Read Matt's Bio

Matt Church is the founder and creator of Thought Leaders. In 1997 on a work trip to Hong Kong Matt had a vision for what has now become the Global Thought Leaders movement.

Matt is an author of many leadership books all working on the premise that when you choose leadership and identify as such you contribute to making the world a better place. Matt continues to teach and support leaders across all domains of influence to capture, package and deliver what they know in service to others.

30 years helping people shape their life. 

She creates calm in the face of challenge.

Erica Bagshaw


Read Erica's Bio

With a career spanning 30-years, Erica has fulfilled many roles in information technology, sales and recruitment as well as building her own businesses.

During this time Erica has worked on large leadership programs as well as many individual Executive Coaching assignments with top 50 rated organisations in Australia. Erica’s work focuses on building cognitive agility, leadership capability, professional presence, communication and resilience. 

You will discover your Infleuncer personality explore the 7 deadly habits that kill initiatives and learn the 'fast 5 questions' that even the busiest leader can use to ensure they get better buy-in to their ideas

One of Australia’s most inspiring speakers with unmatched human behaviour insights.
Julie Cross


Read Julie's Bio

Julie Cross is one of the most inspiring keynote speakers in Australia. She combines powerful insights into human behaviour with practical strategies that leaves audiences with powerful tools for living their best life.

Affectionately known as 'sparkles', Julie is not just a high energy speaker with a few shiny soundbites. She is able to connect her messages at all levels of business - from corporate CEO's to Childcare assistants and everything in between.

In this high energy presentation Julie will empower you to own your stage as a 'leader' in all areas of your life, educate you on key strategies that help us to lead effectively through chaos and energise you so that you are inspired and 'moved' enough to take the learnings back and put in motion immediately.

He has thrived and survived in the wilderness. Today he helps leaders thrive and survive in business.
Scott Stein


Read Scott's Bio

Scott Stein is a leading international speaker and expert on leadership and influence who helps many of the world’s best-known brands to mobilise their leaders and their people. Scott is author of 4 books including his latest, Leadership Hacks: Clever Strategies to Boost Your Impact and Results. At FOL he will share a Delegation Hack to help you get more out of your people.

You will learn: what a leadership hack is and how it can help you, identify how you can learn to become a leader, how to effectively delegate to others and more.

A film producer who has led the biggest brands on earth. If you've watched it, she probably filmed it and won an award for it.
Marion Farrelly


Read Marion's Bio

'Maz' is a keynote speaker, content creator, media trainer and consultant who still produces the occassional award winning movie.

In her role as an international, award-winning TV & Film Producer, Maz led the biggest brands on earth, with the biggest teams, budgets, audiences and stars.

She’s worked with the most successful people on earth and if you’ve watched it, she probably
made it and won an award for it. Maz works with large corporations and senior execs to engage their
audiences and is excited to be joining the Future of Leadership stage in 2021.

A film producer who has led the biggest brands on earth. If you've watched it, she probably filmed it and won an award for it.
Brooke Hanson OLY OAM


Read Brooke's Bio

Swimming star Brooke Hanson OLY OAM, an Olympic gold and silver medallist, remains one of Australia's most recognised Olympians. Brooke is a professional motivational keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, television and radio presenter and a healthy active mother.

The life lessons, compassion and growth she has learnt through her experiences gives Brooke an opportunity to share her story and the tools she has gained that have resulted with successful outcomes.

Brooke’s focus is on resilience, adversity, success, balance, motivation, happiness and well-being. She shares how to embrace what’s important through passion, purpose, love, leadership and finding internal strength to persevere in the face of your biggest challenges.

Your MCs

She started selling chickens. Now she helps children in Thailand live a life of choice.
Claire Baines (MC)
Read Claire's Bio

Claire is a passionate and driven individual who just wants to help people be the best version of themselves. She spent the first part of her career navigating the corporate events space before hanging up her boots to launch her own business helping to bridge the gap between corporates and charities.

As the General Manager of Hands Group, Claire oversees the social enterprise that supports the charity Hands Across the Water.

From holding court to holding centre stage 

He has always known the power of words.

Andrew Klein (MC)
Read Andrew's Bio

Andrew is one of Australia’s leading Professional Conference MCs and a Pitching & Presentation Skills speaker, trainer and writer, working on conferences around the Asia-Pacific region as well as the US and South Africa……or at least he did, back in the days when you could work in places apart from your living room. These days he is “Virtually an MC” – working on events live and online.

What People Are Saying

"Excellent day; I’m bringing more team members with me next year. Great value for such inspiring advice for improved leadership and practice."

Queensland Health

Government Organisation

"I attend a lot of conferences in my role. In terms of speakers this event was without a doubt the best I have ever attended. Thank you for the opportunity, I certainly recommend this event to other professionals."

Maria D Souza

CL Global

"I will never forget the way I felt after this event. Well done to the organisers and the Hands group for putting on the show and driving the meaningful reason for why Future Of Leadership even exists."

Mike Danton



The incredible is often hidden. It lies beneath the surface. Overlooked daily without a second thought given to it. However once the incredible is illuminated, it cannot be unseen. It impacts how we see life, what motivates us and gives us meaning. Uncover the incredible is a call to arms for people to look for the amazing in the everyday and be moved by it.

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All proceeds from this event supports our partner charity, Hands Across the Water, an organisation that provides kids with a life of choice.


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March 1st — April 30th
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Syd, Bne & Mel = $399pp
Regional Cities = $219pp
New Zealand = NZ$235pp
After April 30th
Full Price


Syd, Bne & Mel = $379pp
Regional Cities = $199pp 
New Zealand = NZ$215pp
After April 30th

Thank you to our partners who make this event possible! 

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